Thursday, February 19, 2009

California Roll

I have been making sushi and sushi rolls at home for over a year now. We used to live close to a store where we could get fresh sashimi grade fish. Now our only option is to make California Rolls. We did find a store that sold masago (the orange eggs on top) which really adds a nice touch. These were by far the best rolls I have ever made.

California Roll
Sushi Rice (Rice, Water, Sugar, Salt, Rice Wine Vinegar)
Imitation Crab
Cucumber (neither of us like cucumber so I left it out)
Nori (1/2 sheet)

Make and cool sushi rice. Lay sushi rice on surface and then put nori on top. Add slices of avocado and crab and then use bamboo mat to roll and seal. Top with masago. I use a wet knife to cut because it prevents the rice from sticking to the knife.

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